Trading Signals


Trading Signals

How our members got started trading in our group


1. Broker sign up

Opened a new account with one of our  brokers.

On Average: 1-2 mins


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2. Made a DEPOSIT

Made an initial deposit into their new trading account.

On Average: 3-5 mins


3. Receiving signals

After they’ve made their deposit and submitted their application. We verify their trial access within 6 hours of submitting an application.

On Average: Up to 6 hours

Steps Members Took To Join The Group

How members got started with Fx Alerts Trading

1. Registered A trading Account

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Clicking the button below will open a new window. Visit the site to learn how to register your own live trading account.

You can use our partner code 77025 when registering your account

Notice - In order to trade with Fx Alerts on a 1 month trial. You'll need to make sure you've registered using our partner code. A failure to do this may prevent you from being added to the trading group.

2. Making a deposit

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After registering with our recommended broker, you’ll be given the option to deposit funds into your trading account for you to trade with.

3. Join the group

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Now that you've completed your registration, all you need to do is let us know. If there's any questions you need to ask us initially please redirect to the contact us page. If you're ready to trade please fill out the form with your details below we will have an account manager contact you to confirm your space in the group within the next 4 hours.

Welcome to the team!


How many signals per day?

We send out between 5-10 signals per day.

How accurate are the signals?

Our traders have a combined success rate of 81.6%. However past performance isn't an indictor of future success.

What time are the signals sent out?

Our signals are sent out throughout the day, Mon-Fri.

What happens after the 30 day trial?

If you'd like to continue and pay for signals after the trial, you can pay via PayPal or Credit/Debit card, there’s no contract or automatic payment.

How are the signals sent?

The signals are sent via WhatsApp and Telegram